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3HGR Light Harness Rifle Sling

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3HGR Light Harness Rifle Sling

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3HGR Light Harness. The 3HGR Light Harness is a natural evolution of the original product. The Light Harness has the same harness and safety sling features, in an even more compact package than the 3HGR. The Light Harness will keep the gun safely on your back, and makes carrying the gun a lot more comfortable.

Shoulder Harness - Additional Carrying Comfort

Everyone who has carried a rifle for more than a mile knows how hard it can get on your shoulder. You can easily transform the Light Harness into a harness that will distribute the weight of the gun across both shoulders and makes carrying the gun a lot more balanced and comfortable – just place the support strap over your other shoulder. The difference when compared with a traditional gun sling is phenomenal, especially with suppressed or heavy rifles.

3HGR Safety Sling – When you truly need to keep your hands free

Sometimes getting to the best hunting grounds may require overcoming natural obstacles and crossing rough terrain. In the most challenging situations, you can use the Light Harness as a safety sling. Using it as a safety sling means that your gun will stay steady, and safe, on your back at all times.

3HGR Light Harness – Extremely compact, packed with features

The 3HGR Light Harness isn’t bigger or heavier than a traditional gun sling – the difference can only be seen when it comes to features. The Light Harness does not include the gun rest, but you can use the loop between the support strap and gun sling to stabilize your aim – just like the complete 3HGR. On the other hand, the Light Harness is compatible with wider variety of firearms and the design also allows muzzle down carrying. The Light Harness always includes sling swivels.


Weight: 170g

Operating temperature: -40 to +60 degrees Celsius

Chemical resistant

Modular design

Tool free installation

12 month guarantee

Made in Finland

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