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Airforceone Ballistically Brilliant Chronograph

Quick Overview

Airforceone Ballistically Brilliant Chronograph

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Full Description

AirForceOne® Ballistically Brilliant! tm Chronograph



Fully portable, re-chargeable battery powered.

Indoor & Outdoor use

No auxiliary light-source required

Easy carry -Handy and Lightweight design.

Measure Pellet velocity and Rate of Fire

Calculate Muzzle Energy in Foot/lbs (FPE) or Joules

Download all your test data to your computer.

Record Temperature and humidity at the time of the shot

Charging & Data Cables included

Clear, back-lit display

Screw-cut for tripod mounting

Testing Accuracy: <+ 1.3%

Quick Guide

thank you for using our Ballistically Brilliant! tm Chronograph. Please make sure you read this quick guide carefully before you use the chrono.

Testing Speed: 0-50 Pellets per second

Muzzle Velocity Measurement: 49 feet -2789 feet per second

Testing Accuracy: <+ 1.3%

Voltage: DC 3.7-4.2V

Temperature & Humidity Testing Function

Temperature: 0-50c Humidity: 20%-95%

Size: 105 x 57 x 70mm Weight: 230g


1.Charging the Chronograph Battery

Before use, charge the Chrono’s battery using the USB power cable provided (The battery indicator light will glow red). Connect the USB connector to a USB enabled 3-pin AC plug, or any suitable USB adapter such as a mobile phone charger or on a computer, printer or similar device. When the Battery is low the display will show “LO”. When the battery is fully charged the battery indicator light will glow green.

Power ‘On/Off’

The ‘On/Off’ switch is located on the rear of the unit.

Screen Back Lighting/Test data download

In dark conditions, press the * button on the front of the unit and the screen will be back-lit. Press again to switch the back-light off. To download test results data to your PC or laptop, select the time display by using the ‘mode’ button on the front of the unit, then press the * button. Your data will download via the USB data cable to your connected PC or Laptop.

Adjusting the time

With the time displayed, press and hold down the * button, then press the ‘mode’ button; release the * button and then press ‘mode’ repeatedly until the correct hour is selected. Press * to confirm, then repeat the procedure to adjust the minutes,

Measuring Temperature & Humidity

With the Display in ‘Time’ mode, press the mode button briefly and then you can tab between temperature readings in Celsius and Fahrenheit and Humidity

Muzzle Velocity & Firing Speed Measurement

With the display in ‘Time’ mode, press and hold the mode button the Chronoscope will then enter Muzzle Velocity measuring mode and the display will show: – – – – You can now fire your gun from a distance of 6” inches (15cm) through the aperture at the front of the device to measure the pellets velocity in ‘Feet per Second’ (FPS). To measure your rate of fire, press the mode button briefly again whilst in velocity measuring mode and the display will show a rate of fire in the format : 0. To return to velocity, press the mode button again. In either mode if the display shows “1E” or “2E” there was an error, the shot needs to be taken again.

WARNING Always ensure that you have a safe firing zone behind the Chronoscope and a backstop to absorb pellets safely. Be careful to avoid hitting the body of the device, or the display screen when firing.

Test Data playback

In the muzzle velocity mode, press the * button and you can display the last 50 groups of test data.

Data Download to your Computer.

By using the supplied Data Cable (Micro USB to USB) you can download real-time test data to your laptop or PC. Download the dedicated application from: –http://taiwan-airgun.com/en/news_detail.php?NNo=30

and you can calculate the kinetic energy (Muzzle Energy) in Foot/lbs (FPE) or Joules whilst showing details of the test environment, such as time of day, temperature, humidity and other useful data. NB. The program needs to run with administrator privileges (right click the .exe file to ‘Run as Administrator’).

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