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Be sure to keep an eye out in store and online as we have just received the first order for our New Leatherman Range of tools. Awesome tools with a lifetime warranty, cannot wait to get show them to you!  



There are a couple of things we hear when guys are in for a rifle package and that is – what is the best scope for me and what is the quietest moderator? Now we all know ballistically these things we call ‘silencers’ perform completely differently. In our opinion there are a top five that we sell more of than others on the market.


Rimfire Shooter

The NEW Wildcat Evolution is by far the most popular on the .17HMR & .22LR rifles that are going out the door. Having used these a lot we can honestly say they are a big improvement on the Wildcat Whisper and also the beefed up appearance will appeal to the guys that like their rifles looking good! £195         


Quiet as a Mouse

The AimSport AimZonic is just an incredible bit of kit. Not suited to everyone’s pocket but if you are after performance with aesthetics then this has to be the one. The clever coating of all these moderators also reduces the commonly found ‘’ring’ after shooting and just looks quiet being compact and light weight!            


Tactical Practical

The Third Eye Tactical Spartan III, this third generation model has seen massive improvements in performance and weight. As you would expect from these guys there have been no corners cut on this English built moderator. As a reflex moderator it looks good, is light enough and quiet enough for the best packages on the market up to .30 Calibre. Very easy to strip and clean and a great price at £220          



Edgar Brothers Law Enforcement International rimfire moderators are a lot of moderator for the size. At 12.5cm long and about 20mm in diameter it’s a great option on any varmint barrel in blue or a stainless finish. £145  



UK Custom Shop’s Predator 8 it’s big, it’s light, it’s very well put together and it’s VERY QUIET! Still a fantastic option on anything from a .222 to a 300 Win Mag. £220 - it’s strippable and virtually indestructible.