We can only ship firearms and moderators to your local RFD (Registered Firearms Dealer) - you can collect from there. See below for more details.

On collection, you will be expected to show appropriate photo ID (for non FAC firearms) or a valid firearms certificate.

Please ensure correct contact information is provided with your order so we can efficiently communicate with you about the delivery of your order.

The correct shipping rate (ship to RFD) must be selected at checkout or we cannot dispatch your goods.


RFD to RFD Transfer
(Registered Firearms Dealer)

We offer an RFD-to-RFD transfer, meaning we can ship your chosen gun to your local gun shop whether it be a shotgun, rifle, air rifle or air pistol. There is a £25 shipping fee and handling fee.

The first thing for us to do is exchange our RFD license with your local gun shop making sure they are happy to receive the gun. If it is a non-licenced weapon that is all that is needed. Licensed weapons, whether section 1 or section 2, are a little more in depth.

In addition to letting us know the contact details of your local gun shop,  you must send your firearms license to us - (this should be done by Recorded Delivery only) – we will fill out the relevant parts, complete your paperwork and your transfer form, for you to send to your firearms licensing department. (This is because whoever is receiving payment for the firearms or shotgun must enter it on to the license making sure the correct slots are available for any section 1 products.)  We will then send all paperwork back to you Recorded Delivery via Royal Mail and the weapon will go on a 24hr service with parcel force to your chosen RFD.

HW 44

WeihrauchSKU: 003140238002

Weihrauch HW 44
Pre-charged Pneumatic
Stock Number 210610/007
Serial Number 704823
The HW 44 pre-charged air pistol from Weihrauch is a superb multi-shot PCP airgun featuring a side-lever loading system.
The 10 shot magazine capacity is fast and easy repeating.
The built in refillable 200 bar air cylinder features a quick fill system and integral pressure gauge.
The Weihrauch HW44 also features two Picatinny / Weaver type rail mounts for optional extras.
The Weihrauch HW 44 has a two stage match trigger with manual safety. The air pistol is well balanced and the pistol grip handle features a slip-resistant finish. The Weihrauch HW44 is suitable for both right and left handed shooters.
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