.300 WIN MAG HIT 165gr

RWSSKU: 002106001001

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The RWS HIT is a lead-free expanding bullet with high weight retention due to its monolithic construction. The unique HIT Matrix with the RWS TC-Tip (Twin-Compression-Tip) and the RWS ACC (Active-Crater-Cavity) guarantees fast and certain expansion with great shocking power, even at long ranges. The compact slug, which retains 99% of its original weight, assures deep penetration and a certain exit wound – even after striking bone! This makes the RWS HIT the appropriate lead-free alternative for those favouring non-fragmenting bullets. This bullet is suitable for all ordinary game animals, but is ideal for use against medium to heavy game.
Calibre: .300 Win. Mag.
Bullet: HIT
V0: 950 m/s
E0: 4828 J
MRD: 201 m

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