.308 WIN 150gr Soft Point

FederalSKU: 001519001001

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Fusion was the first rifle ammunition specifically built for deer hunting and it's still the best, offering the largest expansion and highest weight retention in head-to-head comparisons against the competition. With a molecularly fused jacket and a pressure-formed core, Fusion transfers maximum energy on target.
Copper jacket is electro-chemically applied to the core, resulting in a perfectly uniform jacket.
Excellent accuracy.
Skived, pre-programmed nose provides consistent expansion.
Maximum weight retention for deep penetration.
Calibre: .308 Win
Bullet weight: 150g
Bullet style: Fusion Soft Point
Muzzle velocity: 2820
Ballistic coefficient: .414
Bullet length in: 1.065in./27.05mm
Terminal performance minimum velocity: 1900

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