Federal 7x57 Power-Shok 140gr Speer

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Federal 7x57 Power-Shok 140gr Speer

The only tag these loads won't fill is the price tag. The traditional lead-core hunting bullets in Federal® Power•Shok® rifle loads provide solid accuracy and power at an affordable price. They feature reliable Federal brass, primers and powder and are suited to a wide variety of medium and big game.

  • Consistent, proven performance
  • Load and bullet designs for everything from varmints to big game
  • Affordably priced
Cartridge: 7x57 Mauser
Bullet: Soft Point
Muzzle Velocity: 2660
Box Count: 20


We cannot ship ammo, please come in store to place your order, remembering to bring in your valid Section 1 Firearm Licence.


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