Baschieri & Pellagri 12G Privilege Game 30g

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Baschieri & Pellagri 12G Privilege Game 30g

The hunting shotgun cartridge was developed specifically for hunting flying game. The powerful cartridge enables safe shots at short and medium distances. The Green Core shot cup and the Gordon sleeve reduce the felt recoil.

For cartridges loaded with lead shot, the surface treatment with white graphite ensures a smoother surface and therefore more effective and accurate shots.


In collaboration with scientific research institutes, a number of components have been developed that are 100% biodegradable. These new components can ensure the same or even better ballistic performance than the previously used plastics and also guarantee consistent performance under different environmental and climatic conditions.


  • White lead (graphite-coated lead shot)
  • Green Core (biodegradable shot cup)
  • Gordon system (kickback reducer)
  • excellent coverage
Gauge 12G
Load/gms 30
Velocity 420 m/s
Shot Size 2.7
Wad Fibre
Case Length in mm 70
Brass Length 20


Cartridges are currently only available to purchase in store on presentation of your licence.

We receive a cartridge delivery every Friday, so our inventory changes regularly.  Please keep an eye on the stock levels, or ring in if you want to place a specific order.

Cartridges must be pre-paid on reservation.


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1000 Cartridges £468.00


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