Contact .22LR Subsonic Round Nose

EleySKU: CA6544

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50 Rds. of Eley® Contact Sub-Sonic .22LR 42 Grain LRN Ammunition, hard-hitting and quiet.

Eley® Contact is a subsonic semi-automatic .22LR round designed to deliver extreme accuracy and improved knock-down performance with a softer sound and minimal recoil. The reduced recoil delivers quicker sight picture recovery important for the competitive semi-automatic shooter.

 Eley Contact Ammo is engineered with a heavier 42-grain bullet for high energy, and is coated in a specially formulated paraffin wax to minimize build-up in actions and magazines. For training or target shooting, you can't beat the performance or the price.


42-grain lead round nose bullet

Non-corrosive, non-reloadable

Firm hydrocarbon lubricant on the projectile reduces residue

Muzzle velocity: 1,095 f.p.s.

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