Eley 12G Pigeon HV 32gr

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Eley 12G Pigeon HV 32gr

Eley Hawk’s Pigeon HV (High Velocity) cartridges have excellent knock down power that will deliver great results on fast-flying woodies. 

Loaded in 32 gram 6 shot with a new 70mm case, the fibre wad Pigeon HVs pack a punch and work in all gun types and provides a smooth ejection in semi autos. The CSB 2 powder extends the range of the cartridge for far out pigeons, while remaining consistent with comfortable recoil. 

Gauge 12
Load/gms 32gr
Shot Size 5 & 6
Wad Fibre
Non-Toxic No
Case Plastic
Muzzle Velocity/fps 1400
Case Length in mm 70mm
Brass Length 12mm


Cartridges are currently only available to purchase in store on presentation of your licence.

We receive a cartridge delivery every Friday, so our inventory changes regularly.  Please keep an eye on the stock levels, or ring in if you want to place a specific order.

Cartridges must be pre-paid on reservation.


250 Cartridges £92.50
500 Cartridges £178.00
1000 Cartridges £342.00
Shot Size: 6 / 2.6MM
  • Inventory (FIBRE WAD) : 160 Units
160 units
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