Eley 12G Zenith Pro Eco 32gr

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Eley 12G Zenith Pro Eco 32gr

The Zenith game shooting cartridge by Eley Hawk is crafted with only the very best components available, including premium copper-coated lead shot to deliver superior patterning, and now Eley’s exclusive ground-breaking Pro Eco Wad. This ultimate combination represents a new era for game shooting.

Taking the already outstanding properties of the fibre option to the next level, The Zenith Pro Eco combines superior patterning qualities of the copper-coated lead shot with a hydro soluble shot cup to provide unmatched ballistics at range while supporting environmentally friendly credentials. The unique, certified Pro-Eco wad is 100% water-soluble and compostable, non-toxic and biodegradable, ensuring that no trace is left in the field. It dissolves fully submerged in water in approximately 24 hours and up to 3 months in natural elements.

As for the shot, copper is electroplated to the premium lead in order to reduce pellet deformation as it travels down the barrel and through the choke of the gun. This ensures that the shot maintains its spherical integrity in flight resulting in more shot on target and clean, convincing kills whatever the quarry, from grouse to high pheasants.

Gauge 12
Load/gms 32gr
Shot Size 5 & 6
Wad Pro Eco
Case Plastic
Muzzle Velocity/fps 1278
Case Length in mm 70mm
Brass Length 16mm


Cartridges are currently only available to purchase in store on presentation of your licence.

We receive a cartridge delivery every Friday, so our inventory changes regularly.  Please keep an eye on the stock levels, or ring in if you want to place a specific order.

Cartridges must be pre-paid on reservation.


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1000 Cartridges  £623.00
Shot Size: 5 / 2.8MM
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