Evolution 30-06 184gr

RWSSKU: 003244001001

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The performance advantage of the Evolution is especially noticeable on bone hits, primarily on heavier game. Whereas classic semi-jacketed bullets fragment upon impact on heavy bones and retain less energy for penetration and exit wounds, the Evolution bullet remains, for the most part, intact. Via the special Power Bonding of the lead core to the gilding metal jacket, it achieves retained weights of nearly 100% and ensures a high probability of an exit wound with minimal meat damage. Thanks to its aerodynamic profile and ballistic calotte, the Evolution bullet stands out with good inherent accuracy. It has a flat trajectory and consistently high impact energy, even at long ranges.
Calibre: 30-06
Bullet: Evolution
V0: 810 m/s
E0: 3904 J
MRD: 166 m
BC value: 0.366
Barrel length: 600mm

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