Hornady .308WIN 125gr ECX

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Hornady .308WIN 125gr ECX

The ECX™ (Extreme Copper alloy eXpanding) bullet represents Hornady's international customers' pinnacle of monolithic bullet performance.

Its optimised design offers high levels of accuracy across a wide variety of chamber designs and twist rates.

One-piece copper alloy won't separate and delivers devastating terminal performance, deep penetration, and 95% weight retention.

The flat polymer tip helps initiate expansion by driving back into the hollow cavity at the front of the bullet, creating uniform expansion.

The grooves on the CX™ bullet have been optimised to reduce drag, resulting in more retained velocity downrange and more energy on target.

Hornady gave the ECX bullet particular attention, ensuring excellent compatibility with traditional European chamber dimensions whilst delivering the accuracy and terminal performance you've come to rely on from Hornady.

Cartridge: 308 WIN
Bullet: 125 gr ECX™
Sectional Density: .188
Ballistic Coefficient: .181 (G1)
Application: Medium Game
Box Count: 20


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