Hornady Superformance .308 WIN 150gr SST

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Hornady Superformance .308 WIN 150gr SST

Hornady's new Superformance ammunition line is the new standard by which all ammunition will be judged. Superformance is 100 to 200 feet per second FASTER than any conventional ammunition on the market today, and achieves this performance in every gun without increases in felt recoil, muzzle blast, temperature sensitivity, fouling or loss of accuracy. Superformance is a cutting edge technological advancement in ammunition design that transcends convention and achieves the highest performance of any ammunition on the market today. Superformance uses ultra-progressive propellants that take your favourite Hornady bullets to levels of performance that are simply unattainable with conventional propellants. Increases in rifle performance, no increases in barrel wear and felt recoil, along with superior temperature stability are all realized with Superformance ammunition.

Cartridge: .308 Winchester
Bullet: 150 gr SST
Sectional Density: .226
Ballistic Coefficient: .415 (G1)
Muzzle Velocity: 3000 fps
Application: Medium/Large Game
Box Count: 20


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