Eley Force .22LR 42gr Round Nose

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Eley Force .22LR 42gr Round Nose

A high velocity round designed for cycling reliably through semi-automatic rifles. Eley Force uses a new propellant with a distributed pressure curve that accelerates the bullet to a supersonic velocity. The case of Force ammunition has a black oxidised finish that increases friction between the case and the projectile. This regulates the force required to release the bullet, stabilising the bullet and increasing ballistic consistency. The bullet is coated in a specially formulated Paraffin wax to minimise build up in actions and magazines.

Cartridge:  .22LR
Bullet: Round nose
Muzzle Velocity: 1200 fps
Cartridge length: 25.4mm / 1inch
Bullet weight: 42gr
Lubricant: Paraffin wax
Box Count: 50

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