Norma Alaska JRS 8x57 196Gr

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Norma Alaska JRS 8x57 196Gr

This is a well-proved softpoint bullet with a soft gilding metal jacket which gives rapid and massive mushrooming.

The 8x57 JS and the rimmed version 8x57 JRS are both very flexible cartridge that duplicate the performance of the .30-06 and similar cartridges. Today not many bolt action rifles are made in 8x57 JS, but a good many double rifles and combination guns are still being chambered in 8x57JRS. However as the latter type of guns has a weaker action the loads should be reduced in order not to exceed the pressure limits.

Cartridge: 8 x 57 IRS (JRS)
Bullet Type: Soft Point
Bullet Weight: 196gr
Ballistic Coefficient: 0.305
Muzzle Velocity: 2395 fps
Box Count: 20

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