Remington .223 Rem 55gr FMJ Freedom Bucket

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Remington .223 Rem 55gr FMJ Freedom Bucket

Perfect for the high volume patriot that enjoys target shooting, the Remington® Freedom Bucket has 300 rounds of 55 grain .223 Rem FMJ rounds for all day shooting fun. Bringing in high quality and performance without the high price tag, these rounds fly with a muzzle velocity of 3240 fps and fire with a muzzle energy of 1282 ft. lbs.. Ensure you have enough ammo for your next trip to the range with the Remington® .223 Freedom Bucket.

Cartridge: .223 Rem
Bullet Type: FMJ
Bullet Weight: 55gr
Muzzle Velocity: 3240 fps
Box Count: 300

We cannot ship ammo, please come in store to place your order, remembering to bring in your valid Section 1 Firearm Licence.

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