Remington Premier 22-250 50gr AccuTip

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Remington Premier 22-250 50gr AccuTip


Expect dynamite results. In varmint calibres, AccuTip-V combines superb flight characteristics and match-grade accuracy with a design optimized for explosive on-game results. At impact, AccuTip’s gold polymer tip is driven rearward causing the thin jacket and soft lead core to fragment violently. First and foremost, though, it gets there precisely shot after shot – it’s the most accurate varmint bullet you can shoot.

Cartridge: 22-250 REM
Bullet Type: AccuTip Boat Tail
Bullet Weight: 50gr
Muzzle Velocity: 3725 fps
Box Count: 20

We cannot ship ammo, please come in store to place your order, remembering to bring in your valid Section 1 Firearm Licence.

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