Doppelkern Twin Core 6.5x55


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RWS 6.5x55 Swedish Mauser 140gr Doppelkern / Twin Core

With its twin core design, the Dopplekern has proved a popular round with shooters that are after a hard hitting and high shock impact projectile. The front core has a soft tip, providing controlled fragmentation with the harder tail core providing extreme penetration and expansion.

Box Size - 20rds
Bullet Weight - 140gr
Bullet Type - Dopplekern (Twin Core)
Use - Hunting
RWS Product Code - 2116995

Velocity (mps) -
Muzzle - 870
100m - 771
200m - 679
300m - 593

Energy (Joules) -
Muzzle - 3444
100m - 2705
200m - 2098
300m - 1600

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