Alan Paine Stancombe Breeks in Olive

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Features of Alan Paine Stancombe Breeks in Olive

The Alan Paine Stancombe Mens Breeks are designed for maximum durability and comfort. Made with a polyester and elastane blend, they are 100% waterproof and breathable, with tapered waterproof seams to seal out moisture. For a custom fit, the back buckle hem is adjustable and angled side pockets with suede trim provide extra security. Finished with a centre front zip, button and hook fastening, and two zip secured back pockets. Machine washable for easy care.

  • 100% waterproof and breathable
  • Regular fit
  • Polyester and elastane blend
  • Angled side pockets with suede trim
  • Centre front zip with button and hook fastening
  • Two zip secured back pockets
  • Tapered waterproof seams
  • Adjustable buckle hem
  • Machine washable

The Alan Paine Stancombe Breeks in Olive are a must-have for any outdoor enthusiast. These breeks are made from high-quality materials that are designed to withstand the tough outdoor conditions. The breeks are designed with style and functionality in mind and are perfect for shooting, fishing, and other outdoor activities.


One of the impressive features of these breeks is the water-resistant finish, which helps to keep you dry even in wet conditions. The breeks also have a breathable lining that helps to regulate your body temperature, keeping you comfortable all day long. The breeks have a practical side pocket, which is perfect for storing your phone, wallet, or other essentials while you're on the move.


The Alan Paine Stancombe Breeks in Olive are also highly durable, thanks to their reinforced seat and knee patches. The breeks have a adjustable waistband, providing a comfortable fit. The breeks are available in a range of sizes, ensuring that you can find the perfect fit for you.


In summary, the Alan Paine Stancombe Breeks in Olive are a stylish and functional addition to any outdoor wardrobe. They are built to last, with a range of impressive features that are designed to keep you comfortable and dry while you're out in the wild. So why wait? Order your pair today and get ready to take on the great outdoors!

Size: 34 - 86CM
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