Hornady Superformance Match .308 WIN 178 gr BTHP

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Hornady Superformance Match .308 WIN 178 gr BTHP

Superformance ammunition is loaded with proprietary propellants that increase the velocity ratings up to 200 feet per second compared to other popular brands. Because there is no increase in pressure, regardless of the calibre, there is no increase in felt recoil but there is an increase in efficiency and high speed performance. From sub-zero arctic temperatures to almost unbearable desert heat, Superformance ammunition can withstand any hunting habitat.
Cartridge: .308 Win
Bullet: 178gr BTHP
Product Line: Superformance Match
Sectional Density: .268
Ballistic Coefficient: .530 (G1)
Muzzle velocity: 2775 fps
Application: Target
Box Count: 20


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