Winchester Varmint X .223 REM 55gr Ballistic Tip

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Winchester Varmint X .223 REM 55gr Ballistic Tip

Winchester Varmint X ammunition was designed for the rapid-growing sport of varmint and predator hunting. The polymer tipped bullet is excellent at long ranges due to its higher ballistic coefficients than typical hollow point varmint bullets. Upon impact, the thin jacket and lead core allow for explosive fragmentation resulting in devastating terminal performance. This ammunition is new production in reloadable brass cases.

Calibre: 223 REM
Bullet type: Polymer Tip Flat Base
Bullet weight: 55gr
Muzzle velocity: 3240 fps
Rounds per box: 20
We cannot ship ammo, please come in store to place your order, remembering to bring in your valid Section 1 Firearm Licence.
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