Shotgun Recoil Pads Emmett & Stone Country Sports Ltd

Shooting is supposed to be fun, and nothing ruins the experience and disrupts good shooting form like excessive recoil.  But before you invest in a recoil pad, or any other recoil reducer, check your shooting stance. Ensure you are "squared" with the rifle. If your rifle is jumping to the left or right when fired, then you're not squared. If it jumps, less to either side but more upwards then you're there. If recoil is still too much, then look at fitting a pad.

Whether you prefer gel, microcell or leather, there's plenty of options to chose from for a flinch-free shooting experience!  Snap on, pull on, pre-fit, grind to fit.... it's worth working out what's best for you.  Always make sure what you chose will fit the brand and length of your rifle, the pad can help you to easily adjust the magnitude of the length of pull so as to ensure better accuracy and gripping.