What to look for in a used shotgun Emmett & Stone Country Sports Ltd

Looking to sell your shotgun?

What do we look for when we get second-hand guns coming into the shop?

Here at Emmett and Stone we are always interested in looking at any firearms you are looking to sell.  We continually replenish our stock of used shotguns.

We pride ourselves in offering a fair price, depending on the quality and condition of the gun.

This is what we’ll be looking at:

Firstly we obviously check the overall condition:

  • Check the gun is not 'off the face'
  • Check that the action opens and closes smoothly and easily
  • Check the barrel is smooth and not pitted
  • Look at the stock and check for cracks, dings, discolouration/oil marks

Secondly we will dry fire the gun using some snap caps

  • We are looking for a crisp/sharp sound
  • Assess the ejector timing and strength

Thirdly, we’ll do an individual component part check, which may involve breaking the gun down

  • Check for any damage to the woodwork
  • Check the mechanism locks in place
  • Check that the gun hasn’t been over-oiled
  • Check the barrels inside and out for wear and tear, specifically dents
  • Check the threads (if there are any) still run smoothly
  • Check the spring on the top lever
  • Check for corrosion, in particular with the firing pin
  • For cheaper guns, check the metal (which is likely to be of less high quality than a more expensive firearm)

Come and have a look at our range of used shotguns.  Maybe it’s just time for a change!